Poster Sessions

OLC Expo Exhibit

Exclusive viewing time has been built into the Convention and Expo schedule. Be sure to check out the Poster Sessions in the Exhibit Hall.

Poster Sessions are designed to be a practical, informative “display” of an idea, project, or program that has been presented at library. All posters will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall.

This is an informal, educational opportunity that gives you an opportunity to discuss and exchange innovative ideas.

Poster Session Hours:
Sept. 25 | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Sept. 26 | 10 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Sept. 27 | 8:30 a.m. – 11: 30 a.m.

Staffed Poster Sessions:
Sept. 26 | 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
Presenters will be on hand in the Exhibit Hall to discuss their posters, answer questions and exchange ideas.

Poster Session Descriptions

Artfully Extolling Our Library Story: Shaker Reads
Presenter: Margaret Simon, Shaker Heights Public Library

In 2016, to promote summer reading and to provide an art activity for a community art event, Shaker Heights Public Library created 11,  three-foot tall letters that spelled out Shaker Reads and invited adults and children to paint them. The colorful letters were then covered with a coat of protective polyurethane, mounted on poles, and installed in the front yard of the Woods Branch. These whimsical and colorful letters proclaimed Shaker Reads promoting summer reading (Grace Mawhorter’s photograph of the letters won the Peoples’s Choice Award in the 2018 Shaker Heights Landmark Commission’s sixth annual Preservation Month photo contest). In 2018, the library created another set of letters for the Main Library and sent out an email blast requesting artists’ help. Within 4 hours, all the letters were claimed, resulting in eleven talented artists’ renderings of Shaker Reads, which will be installed this spring in front of the Main Library to promote summer reading. In December, the artists were photographed at the library where they were invited to preview their creations with the community, proving once again, Shaker Reads not only promotes reading, but also, creativity, collaboration and community.

Sponsor: Marketing and PR Division


Being Flexible with a Green Screen
Presenters: Rebecca Calfe and Kristina Richey, Dayton Metro Library

The uses and flexibility of a mobile green screen kit for any library are extensive. This poster session will showcase ways in which the Dayton Metro Library has been able to utilize a flexible green screen kit to film and produce high quality video and photographic content anywhere in the library. This kit has made using a green screen much more accessible as it only requires the space needed to set up the screen and camera. Similar kits would make it possible for smaller libraries to expand their services without sacrificing precious space and while staying within a much more palatable budget compared to a purpose-build room/studio. This kit has also made it possible for library staff to be more creative in social media without causing additional scheduling conflicts with patrons in our dedicated Green Screen Studio. It also offers the potential for the kit to be used, not just within one library, but potentially system wide.

Sponsor: Program Committee


Bring GED to your Library — From Those Who Did It!
Presenter: Susan Schuld, Medina County District Library

Staff of Medina County District Library (MCDL) will walk you through the basics of setting up a GED testing center in your library. In 2017, MCDL discovered there were no GED testing centers in the county and launched one later that year. In 2018, MCDL won the OLC’s Library Innovation Award for the successes of the center. Find out about the many rules and restrictions set in place by Pearson, the online GED test provider. Learn from MCDL staff about the obstacles faced and also the rewards once the center opened. (Hint: the adult education community adored us!)

Sponsor: Management and Administration Division


Creating Programs Millennials Will Actually Be Excited About
Presenters: Morgan Crumbacher and Caitlan Trick, Greene County Public Library

Attracting Millennials and young adults to programs has been a challenge for many libraries. Devising programs geared specifically toward Millennials helps them feel welcome and important to their library, but with busy lives, it is difficult to get them through the library doors. In this session, learn what kinds of programs have been popular and how we created a group of dedicated regulars.

Sponsor: Reference and Information Services Division


Dayton Metro Library’s Commemoration of Women’s Right to Vote
Presenter: Martha Ballinger, Dayton Metro Library

The United States Constitution’s 19th Amendment gave American women the right to vote, a right that is known as Women’s Suffrage. Ohio was the 5th state to ratify the amendment on June 16, 1919. The Dayton Metro Library has one of the largest archives in Ohio of the women’s suffrage movement. As part of the commemoration of women’s suffrage, the library is coordinating with universities, women’s and arts groups, as well as the League of Women’s Voters to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. In addition, the Dayton Metro Library is hosting programs on the history of the suffrage movement and hosting exhibits from community organizations such as the Miami Valley Quilters Guild. This poster session will focus on how the library acquired this collection, how it is making it available to researchers, and the library’s coordination with community organizations. Come see historic photographs of the suffrage movement and photographs of what the Dayton Metro Library is doing to commemorate this historic event.

Sponsor: Special Collections Division


FEAST! Families Eating Affordably & Sustainably Together
Presenter: Amy Drayer, Athens County Public Libraries

The Athens County Public Libraries partnered with local organizations (Community Food Initiatives, Live Healthy Appalachia, OSU Extension Office Snap-Ed) to bring workshops to the library that feature simple, affordable ingredients and highlight seasonal, regionally grown produce. Our hope was for families to come cook together, share a meal, and inspire healthful eating with hands-on learning and demonstrations. We also give out door prizes!

Sponsor: Program Committee


Highlighting a Special Collection: Mercer County District Library’s Langsdon Mineral Collection
Presenter: Elizabeth Muether, Mercer County District Library

A library’s special collection may incorporate many things – from local history documents to realia to minerals. In 2005, Ron and Ruth Langsdon donated approximately 1000 mineral specimens from around the world to the Mercer County District Library. In this poster session, you will see the planning process used by the library to best display the collection, learn about staffing to support the collection and discover how the library has incorporated the mineral collection into their educational programming for all ages. This poster session will not only spotlight the Mercer County District Library Mineral Collection, but it will also inspire and assist other public librarians to highlight their own unique collections.

Sponsor: Special Collections Division


ILEAD USA-Ohio 2019 — Library Program Helper
Presenter: Kellen Freeman, Delaware County District Library; Gill Nance, Southwest Public Libraries; Rose Shaddy,  Ohio Dept. of Rehabilitation and Correction; Jessica Curtis, Westerville Public Library

Our ILEAD USA – Ohio 2019 team developed a website designed to help professionals collaborate on programming ideas, training and resource sharing. The website was specifically targeted towards library professionals who do not have MLIS degrees, library workers in alternative settings (i.e. school, institutional, and private libraries), and for those who have little to no experience in programming or with no readily available local support to help them learn how to plan programs or develop resources. It is our hope to help create a collaborative bridge between all library communities, so that library professionals can help each other and make all types of library programming a success.

Sponsor: Program Committee


Project Kindergarten – Get Ready, Get Set, Go!
Presenter: Sybil Wendling and Carol Henderson, Avon Lake Public Library

For kids starting kindergarten in the fall, Project Kindergarten is a two-week drop-in opportunity to practice some of the skills they’ll need for their kindergarten screening in the spring as well as when they head to school in the fall. See how easy and inexpensive it is to create hands-on activity stations relating to numbers and math, colors and shapes, alphabet sounds and writing. A punch-list for each child allows them to keep track of their progress, while parents get a glimpse of their child’s abilities as well as areas that could use some practice. Receiving a library card and book bag are a great way to end their visit and encourage them to return.

Sponsor: Children’s Services Division


Read Through the Year: Starting a Year-Long Reading Challenge at Your Library
Presenter: Christina Thurairatnam, Holmes County District Public Library

Holmes County District Public Library started Read Through the Year, a year-long reading challenge for adults in 2018, as a way to encourage patrons to read more throughout the year. Find out why you should consider starting a year-long reading challenge for your patrons. Learn about the benefits of this kind of reading program, and how to incorporate it with your existing reading programs. Discover ways you can offer the program online (including free options!) to increase participation and attract e-media readers.

Sponsor: Adult Services Division


School Age Smorgasbord
Presenter: Robin Gibson, Westerville Public Library

The Westerville Public Library offers a variety of programs for school-age audiences, including tweens and teens. Learn about differing offerings for various ages on a wide variety of topics, and pick up practical information to help you replicate or tailor programs for your particiular community. Examples include: Young Engineers Club and Art (6-8 year olds); 50 things to do before you are 11 3/4 (ages 6-12); Innovation Academy (a technology-focused program offered for homeschoolers and ages 8-12); Escape Rooms (ages 10-14); Book Tasting; Junior Teen Advisory Board (6th-8th grades); and more!

Sponsor: Children’s Services Division


Summer Success: A Kindergarten Readiness Program
Presenter: Kari Welch, The Schoenbaum Family Center–The Ohio State University

Ensuring children arrive to Kindergarten ready to learn is an important issue in early childhood education and policy. In Ohio, many children arrive to Kindergarten without the requisite skills needed to succeed. Children facing adversities such as homelessness, hunger, or poverty are at a greater risk for poor Kindergarten readiness. This achievement gap may persist over time, setting children from low-income backgrounds on a trajectory of poor academic and social outcomes, as well as greater potential for lower occupational attainment and higher rates of drug use, delinquency, and mental health problems. Summer Success is a kindergarten readiness program designed to provide Kindergarten bound children with four weeks of targeted instruction in key Kindergarten readiness skills. Skills include language, literacy, math, and social-emotional, as well as an interest in creative arts and gross motor. The four-week, 140-hour program provides high-quality instruction that explicitly addresses these skills, and gets children ready to learn in Kindergarten.

Sponsor: Program Committee


To Cut or Not Cut the Cord…Creating Programs to Help Them Decide
Presenters: Karen Fischer, Mansfield/Richland County Public Library and Virginia Wright, Tuscarawas County Public Library

With rising rates for both cable and satellite TV, library customers are looking for information to help them “cut the cord.” So many factors go into making that decision and it’s important that public libraries offer programs and services designed to help our customers understand their options and to make informed cord-cutting decisions. Programs should include information about antennas, Internet providers, streaming devices and services, and individual viewing surveys to help evaluate viewing preferences, as well as links to information to help keep up with these constantly changing services. These programs will be instrumental in helping to demystify the cord-cutting decision for customers in our service areas.

Sponsor: Digital and Media Services Division


Where’s the Kitchen?
Presenter: Susan Deatrick and Alice McCauley, Paulding County Carnegie Library

Everyone eats, right? Don’t let the lack of a fully functioning kitchen stop you from a food-based program. Let us show you how the Paulding County Carnegie Library jumped that hurdle. We will demonstrate how, on a small budget and with no kitchen, you can provide fun and educational programming for all ages. Starting with shopping, to preparing then to serving, our programs will guide you through all your foodie goals. All while promoting the many resources your library provides on this subject.

Sponsor: Program Committee