Poster Sessions

OLC Expo Exhibit

Exclusive viewing time has been built into the Convention and Expo schedule. Check out Poster Sessions like this one in the Exhibit Hall.

Poster Sessions are designed to be a practical, informative “display” of an idea, project, or program that has been presented at library. All posters will be displayed in the Exhibit Hall (Kilimanjaro Ballroom, Kalahari).

This is an informal, educational opportunity that gives you an opportunity to discuss and exchange innovative ideas.

Poster Session Hours:
Oct. 3 | 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Oct. 4 | 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Oct. 5 | 8:30 a.m. – 11: 00 a.m.

Staffed Poster Sessions:
Oct. 4 | 2:15 – 3:15 p.m.
Presenters will be on hand in the Exhibit Hall to discuss their posters, answer questions and exchange ideas.

Poster Session Descriptions (in alphabetical order)

2018 Wellness Challenge
Presenter: Kayleigh Tschanen, Tiffin-Seneca Public Library

The Wellness Committee at the Tiffin-Seneca Public Library started a staff initiative this year called the “2018 Wellness Challenge.” The program consists of two challenges a month; typically one related to healthy eating, and the other to exercise or healthy living. Staff members who participate receive one prize entry per challenge per month. Each month, one winner receives a $10 Kroger gift card to promote healthy eating. At the end of the year, every entry is eligible to win the grand prize; their choice of a $200 gift card, or a fitness tracker. See the monthly calendars we created for staff to track their progress so you can adapt this program to work for your library.

Sponsor: Program Committee


Akron Library’s Ohio Ballet Collection on the Digital Public Library of America Website
Presenter: Mary Plazo, Akron-Summit County Public Library

Akron-Summit County Public Library was chosen to receive grant funding from the Ohio State Library made possible by DPLA because of the Library’s own digital exhibit website, Summit Memory. This poster will explain the process of navigating funding from multiple agencies in addition to the process of choosing the right collection to digitize for DPLA.

Sponsor: Special Collections Division


Build 21st Century Skills with Rube Goldberg
Presenters: Megan Barrett and Matthew Skvasik, Cuyahoga County Public Library

Remember the game Mousetrap? You too can bring that fun into the library! Learn how Cuyahoga County Public Library created an intergenerational chain reaction competition that fostered STEM and 21st century skills including critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. Discover how to replicate this low-budget, high-impact program in any learning environment.

Sponsor: Program Committee


Bumps on the Road to DPLA: What We’ve Learned in Our First Year of Being a Hub
Presenter: Jen Johnson, State Library of Ohio

Every project takes twists and turns through its life cycle, sometimes leaving you feeling like it’s taken on a life of its own. Establishing the Ohio Digital Network as Ohio’s DPLA hub has been a discovery process for all involved, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. In this semi-scientific presentation, we contrast and compare expected and actual workflows and processes, and problem-solving steps we found that eased our paths. With this knowledge, we’ll be better able to work with future contributors to ODN and streamline the experience and workload for all involved.

Sponsor: Program Committee


The Civic Corner: A Space to Advocate, Collaborate and Participate in Our Democratic Society
Presenter: Gina Maida, University of Mount Union

The University of Mount Union’s Regula Center for Public Service and Civic Engagement, in collaboration with the Department of Political Science and International Studies and the Mount Union Library, has installed special kiosks that encourage and assist students in fulfilling their civic duties. Each Civic Corner is a permanent station, equipped with an iPad allowing students to request an absentee ballot, complete voter registration and locate and send messages to their elected officials. The goal of the Civic Corner is to help students and community members learn about the political process and then find ways to engage in it. (Please note: the sample Civic Corner will not have an iPad installed, but one will be available on Oct. 4 from 2:15 – 3:15 p.m.)

Sponsor: Program Committee

Circulating Roku Sticks
Presenters: Robin Shapiro and Carla Schober, Westlake Porter Public Library

As streaming media becomes increasingly commonplace many libraries are adding streaming devices to their circulating collections. See the ins and outs of circulating Roku Sticks. Learn the basics of adding Roku Sticks to a public library’s circulating collection and view answers to the questions: what is a Roku Stick, and why circulate them; how to get started; how to add content and other channels; and what to consider when setting lending policies. Find out if circulating streaming devices is a good fit for your library.

Sponsor: Digital and Media Services Division

Creating Programs & Marketing Materials Without Copyright Issues
Presenters: Molly Calhoun and Megan Kovalaske Grimm, Tuscarawas County Public Library System

Join us to discover resources for copyright-free images and videos, as well as programming ideas that are copyright friendly. Information will be provided about how libraries can remain keepers of copyright while still creating relevant, engaging programming and marketing materials for our libraries.

Sponsor: Program Committee


The Creation and Execution of a New Resume Assistance Program
Presenter: Gregory Hatch, Rocky River Public Library

At Rocky River Public Library one of our core values is “Adapting quickly and efficiently to anticipate and meet community needs.” Out of this desire to better serve our community, we created and implemented a resume assistance program for our patrons who are currently seeking a new position. Starting with researching the interest in our community, we moved to looking at the resources already available at the library and reviewing our collection of resume/job hunting materials. The final step was to find ways to reach the intended audience using social media, brochures, and our website. This poster presentation will review unexpected obstacles and practical considerations to starting this program and how our strategies can be co-opted for creating a similar program at your institution.

Sponsor: Program Committee


Digitizing the Akron Reporter and Other Newspapers at the Ohio History Connection
Presenter: Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection

The Reporter, Akron’s African-American newspaper covering 1969-2016, is now available and full-text searchable on Ohio Memory along with many other unique Ohio newspaper collections. View this poster to learn how the newspaper was transformed from hard copy to microfilm to digital images and how you can get involved in this type of project.


Girls in Gear
Presenter: Becky Schaade, Fairfield County District Library

Learn how the Fairfield County District Library partnered with other organizations to offer an eight-week empowerment program using bicycling equipment to instill confidence, physical activity, and nutrition habits in girls ages 9-15. In addition to bicycle safety and mechanics instruction, girls received urban planning, public speaking and critical thinking experiences and instruction.

Sponsor: Children’s Services Division


Have Display Will Travel: How Traveling Exhibitions Can Give an Extra Boost to Your Library’s In-House Displays and Programming
Presenter: Sue Provenzale, Westlake Porter Public Library

Westlake Library has been using traveling exhibitions from various national and regional institutions and groups with great success. This poster will share how these displays have helped promote programs, create program themes, highlight specific areas of our collection, and create a “new” display space in the library without any permanent change. This poster will also explore the logistics of hosting these exhibitions at your own library, as well as names of institutions to get you started with exploring the options that are out there to use.

Sponsor: Program Committee


It’s How You Say It: Examples of Cultural Bias in the Catalog
Presenter: Barbara Satow, Cleveland Public Library

Despite efforts to keep cataloging neutral and objective, biases of race, gender, sexuality, age, ability, ethnicity, language and religion are reflected in the content of catalog records and the terms used as subject headings. This poster will provide examples of relevant Library of Congress Subject Headings, how they have evolved (or haven’t) over time, and how they could impact patron access.

Sponsor: Technical Services Division


The James Cook Book Award
Presenter: Sarah Rosenberger, Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library; and Rikki Unterbrink, Shelby County Libraries

We all know how important diverse books for teens are, but how do you find the best of the best? This session will introduce you to the James Cook Book Award and highlight some recent winning books. The James Cook Book Award is sponsored by OLC’s Teen Services Division, and winners and honor books are recognized for promoting and celebrating cultural, ethnic, or social diversity.

Sponsor: Teen Services Division


Locked in the Library: How to Create Exciting Escape Rooms From Start to Finish
Presenters: Kristie Miller and Serene Lawrence, Greene County Public Library

Have you ever wished to be locked in a library? With the help of a live-action interactive puzzle challenge, you can do just that! Escape rooms require participants to work together to solve problems, answer clues, and unlock a room — all before time runs out! Let’s discuss how to transform a plain space into a themed adventure for kids and teens (and with a small budget!)

Sponsor: Program Committee


Nerf at the Library
Presenter: Kristin Wilson, Loudonville Public Library

Are you looking for an easy program that teaches problem solving skills, promotes team work, and oral communication while practicing good sportsmanship? Look no further that Nerf Night at the Library! Handout will include instructions for games with supply list. Tips and tricks for running successful Nerf Night and a list of You Tube Channels to follow for age appropriate Nerf content.

Sponsor: Teen Services Division


No School? No Problem!
Presenters: Rachel Stewart and Erin Pearson, Toledo Lucas County Public Library

Do you want full programs? Do you want better relationships with your local school district? Do you want an easy way to engage the families you serve? Discover strategies for increasing school partnerships to provide meaningful library programs that align with educational goals. Learn how to partner with our school district to host STEAM programs that engage the school-age children we serve.

Sponsor: Children’s Services Division


Ohio Legal Help: A Forthcoming Online Resource for Access to Justice
Presenters: Rachel Harris and Susan Choe, Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation

Finding reliable legal information for patrons is notoriously difficult. Not only are resources that are both accurate and local rare, but many patrons are misdirected by dubious legal websites. A new Ohio Legal Help website is being constructed with guidance from a diverse group of representatives from Ohio’s legal access stakeholders, including the OLC. Get a demo and learn more about this free resource, which will provide usable legal forms and accurate legal information for all Ohioans to help close the legal access gap.

Sponsor: Reference and Information Services Division


Preschool Explorer Lab: Bringing STEAM to Your Youngest Patrons
Presenter: Jennifer Buch, Ida Rupp Public Library

Preschool Explorer Lab is a chance for preschool age children to get their hands dirty and their minds working by engaging in STEAM activities revolving around a theme. Once or twice a month, children and caregivers gather for a short story time about the topic and then head into the explorer lab where stations are set up that continue the learning. Caregivers are encouraged to help their children which promotes working together and creativity. Topics have included hibernation; birds; space; food science; and much more. This poster session will include pictures from our previous programs along with example story times and station activities that can be used by anyone.

Sponsor: Children’s Services Division


Pretend Play on a Shoestring Budget
Presenter: Tabitha Johnson, Tuscarawas County Public Library

Play is essential for children to grow and develop; however, electronic devices and their prevalence have begun to threaten traditional play’s influence on young children’s development. Libraries are able to combat this problem by creating environments of imagination and creativity — but those fulfilling those goals can become costly fairly quickly. The Tuscarawas County Public Library System’s Tuscarawas branch is utilizing everyday objects to grow our pretend play area so that children have the opportunity to explore their adventurous side while the branch remains mindful of the library’s budget. Learn how items headed for the recycling bin have become some of our most well-loved play toys, the ease of storing these items with limited space, and how to justify keeping “trash” as useful pieces of your collection of program resources.

Sponsor: Program Committee


Reaching the Homeschool Population
Presenter: Emily Crilley, Tuscarawas County Public Library

Home sweet home — schooling, that is! As more and more families begin to seek educational curricula for their children outside of the traditional classroom setting, public libraries find themselves in a fantastic position of opportunity and partnership. The Strasburg Branch of the Tuscarawas County Public Library System established a Homeschoolers’ Club in 2016 that has grown to become a cooperative and dynamic resource for homeschooling families in their community. In this poster session, you’ll learn how to plan activities for homeschoolers of various ages including those centered upon STEAM-based concepts, programs that facilitate social skills and important peer relationships, and field-trip events that take place outside of the library.

Sponsor: Program Committee


Right Click 2018: The IT Idea Exchange
Presenter: Victoria Vogel, Huron County Community Library

Today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape challenges those responsible for library information technology to innovate solutions and develop best practices to meet the needs of our communities. RightClick is an opportunity for library IT staff, technology coordinators, and decision makers to meet with colleagues from Ohio libraries to discuss current information technology challenges and solutions. Right Click 2018: The IT Idea Exchange, will be held on Nov. 16, 2018. Come see what this unique conference is all about, plus enter to win a prize!

Sponsor: Information Technology Division


Sharing Our Stories: Oral History at Your Library
Presenters: Jessica Robinson, Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library; and Chad Statler, Westlake Porter Public Library

Heights Libraries and the Westlake Porter Public Library have collected oral histories from their communities. Heights Libraries is using oral histories to capture the history of their library system as well as the wider community. Westlake Porter Public Library has partnered with the Veterans History Project to hear veteran’s stories from America’s armed conflicts. This poster will discuss some of the ways we have gone about locating subjects, as well as some of the tools we use to record interviews and some of the difficulties we have encountered along the way.

Sponsor: Program Committee


SPARK and the Library: Offering a Literacy Program in the Home
Presenters: Julie Shaheen, Stark County District Library; and Mary Brady, Early Childhood Resource Center

Imagine that…a library offering literacy directly to families in their homes. Learn how the library and SPARK can work together in varying degrees to support early literacy in the home and community.

Sponsor: Children’s Services Division


Presenter: Deborah Dubois, Mansfield/Richland County Public Library

StoryWalks combine movement and story into a fun experience for families. They are also a great way to partner with community organizations. Learn how to create event StoryWalks with reusable materials and a reasonable budget.

Sponsor: Children’s Services Division/Outreach and Special Services Division


Tech Try It Out Kits for Children, Youth and Adults
Presenter: Delores Rondinella, Stark County District Library

Tech Try It Out Kits are a collection of technology, st(r)eam related gadgets and devices. Each kit contains between 3-6 units to be used in a synchronous or self-paced instructional environment. Programmers/librarians can request the kits for self-paced discovered times for students or request a training session for their students that revolve around a particular item.

Sponsor: Program Committee