Certification Luncheon

Certified Public Librarian and Certified Public Library Staff Luncheon
Thurs., Oct. 5
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Room 106

What Being a Couch Potato Taught Me About Leadership 

Tom Balzer photo

Tom Balzer

Television and movies are great entertainment, but can they also shape you as a leader? Was your mom wrong when she said too much TV would rot your brain? Join Certified Public Librarians (CPL) and Certified Public Library Staff (CPLS) from around the state for a special luncheon on Thurs., Oct. 5 featuring guest speaker Tom Balzer, President and CEO of the Ohio Trucking Association. Balzer thinks there are some important leadership lessons to be learned from movies, sitcoms, reality TV, YouTube and other entertainment. He will share some memorable clips and explain how they can impact you as a leader. You’ll learn some new and surprising sources of leadership inspiration. Sponsored by the OLC’s Professional Development Committee, this is an exclusive event for CPL and CPLS designation holders. Pre-registration is required.